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img 1     Back 2008, after a long search, I got my first Scottish Fold, Kamelia. Since then I fell in love with the breed! How could I not... A creamy baby with bright copper eyes, and folded ears! In a year we decided that our girl should become a mommy. She gave a birth to my second Fold - Varvara.

     Since that time, my mind about the breed flipped upside down even more! Unfortunately, Kamelia had her ears going up, but her daughter Varvara had it folded, and I started going for shows, and assisting judges in order to learn more about all different breeds. That’s when I got the idea how “my perfect Scottish Fold’ should look like. In a few years I moved from Russia to the United States, and sadly I could not bring my cats with me. 

     Yet, the dream of a “perfect fold” never left me. Few years later my friend and an amazing breeder – Elena Kazantseva (Lukor-fold) offered me a silver tabby with white longhair male, and I knew “he was the one” – my Lacoste! Then, we moved in together, and lived happily ever after. 

     Moreover, Lacoste convinced many of my friends (who were not cat fans) to fall in love with him too! In 2013/14 Lacoste conquered the TICA judges hearts, and became a Regional winner and a Quadruple Grand Champion after 2 shows!!! Everything seemed to be good, but… Lacoste was still lonely, he needed a girl!

     The year after, Matreshka came from the same cattery. The biggest surprise for me was that she was even sweeter than Lacoste. They had the best personalities I’ve ever seen, and they needed to have amazing babies like they are. Since then, the cattery started growing.

     Breeding Scottish Folds is not just about breeding healthy high standards cats, but more importantly, it is about making people happy with being able to provide them with new affectionate fluffy family members:)

Our cats and kittens have silky fur, strong immune system, and stuffed stomies - all due to their premium food. We feed our cats raw, and highly recommend such diet to all the cats. A cat health is 90% is its food (leave the rest for genetic). Cats are predators, and need to have actual meat, not meat by product, rice, yeast, salt, and additional flavors. We are happy to provide advices on raw-diet, and find proper nutritional blend for your pet. 


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