Thursday, 18 February 2016 00:47

Tips on Your Initial Search: Things to Avoid

You decided to get a Scottish Fold… and began to search ... and drowned in many different classifieds, breeding listing websites, Facebook pages, visited a pet store? So here is the list of things to avoid when looking for a purebred kitten:

beware.jpgNEVER BUY A BREED KITTEN FROM A PET STORE! No matter how well pet stores present themselves, keep in mind, reputable breeders never sell their kittens through pet stores. it’s quite possible that the cute kitten you see at your local pet store came from kitten millsGood breeders want to be personally assured that the people who are buying their cats are doing so for the right reasons and understand what they’re getting into.

BE CAREFUL with buying a kitten from secondary advertising websites, classifieds, or Facebook pages. Make sure a posted ad have a link to a cattery website? Most catteries do have it, but the ones who don’t are more likely to be involved in mass kitty breeding as a profitable business.

Recently, there were seen a few websites who offer dozens of Scottish Fold kittens (and NONE Straight ears). If you were wondering where those kittens come from, I have an answer for you: those are either scammers or illegal pet dealers who massively transport and resell kittens from Eastern Europe.

Hopefully, we helped you be aware, and helped avoid initial mistaked, and you landed on breeding directory, or a cattery website. So, what to look for next?

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