Kitten's Waiting List Policy

In cases when you are not ready to adopt a Scottish Fold yet, or we do not have a Scottish fold or Scottish straight kitten of your dream born yet, we offer you to be placed on our waiting list. However, per our experience, we found that many people who make promises, and want to wait, in the end, simply disappear.

Thus, if you are determined to get an adorable a Scottish fold or Scottish straight kitty from our cattery, we ask for $100 deposit to place you on the waiting list. The deposit is a part of a kitten’s adoption fee, yet it is non-refundable. We are sorry, but as per our experience, money is the only way to see how serious people are.

On our behalf, once placed on a waiting list, we guarantee to be in touch with you and give you a right to choose your dream Scottish fold or Scottish straight soon after they are born and ears determined.

To place you on a waiting list, we will need the following information emailed:

1. A time when you want to adopt a Scottish fold or Scottish straight kitten.
2. Kitten sex
3. Kitten ears (fold/straight)
4. Kitten color/hair length
5. Any other information to help us match you with your new family member.

Once we receive your information, we will forward you a form to be signed on both ends: breeder and buyer as a legal proof of promises made on both ends.

Deposits are accepted via PayPal, or mailed cashier check/money order.